Pinnacle Sports now looking after all Online ordering of Hand Jam products

Due to the Hand Jam team being overseas for extended periods we have passed over the job of online sales and distribution to our good friends at Pinnacle Sports.

They have a large supply of product, which we will restock them during the year.

Clicking on the “Hand Jam Shop” link in the menu will now take you to the Pinnacle Sports ordering page.

We have done this to provide you with the quickest and most reliable method of getting our product to our Australian and overseas customers.

Hand Jam is Back!!

Hand Jam is now taking pre-orders for the first week of December.

This includes Hand Jam, Mt French T-shirts and other Temple Soap and Products.

The online ordering system is still down for the time being, but you can send an email to with your orders.

Just in time for Christmas!! Spread the word :).

Handjam – Sponsor for the 2011 Queensland State Bouldering Championships

2011 Queensland Bouldering Championships

Handjam is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Queensland State Bouldering Championships.

Handjam is donating jars of our product to the competition, which will be included in the Prize Pool on the days.

We are very happy to be a sponsor for this event and to making a contribution to what is shaping up be the best bouldering comp held in Queensland ever!

For those of you who still need to register please follow this link to the Registration Form on the Urban Climb website.

Look forward to having the Mt French – Frog Buttress t-shirt on sale on the day as well!

Mount French – Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt

Introducing the Mount French – Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt.

A good looking, fitted 100% cotton t-shirt. Tree frog green (of course :)).

Mt French - Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt

Mt French - Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt (front)


The front depicts the Grass Tree, Xanthorrhora the local floral emblem of the Scenic Rim. Many fine examples of this amazing plant can be found at the top and bottom of the cliff.

Mt French - Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt

Mt French - Frog Buttress Rockclimbing T-shirt

The back displays a range of trad climbing equipment and the names of many of the famous (some infamous) routes of Frog, at all grades.

Available in a range of both Mens and Women’s sizes

Peta Barrett - climbing Hollywood Rattlesnake, Frog Buttress, Mt French

Peta Barrett - climbing Hollywood Rattlesnake, Frog Buttress, Mt French modelling the Frog T-shirt


Locally designed and printed.

Price $30. Postage is extra, but if you are local we can make a pick up by arrangement.

Contact Peta at – let her know your required size and she will get back to you with payment details.

Great as a present to your favourite trad climbing partner or as a reminder of your time at Frog if you are an interstate or international visitor.

Send us a photo of you wearing out at the crag, we’d love to see it :).

Hand Jamming in the Bluies!

Blue Mountains Guide

Check out our ad in the new “Blue Mountains – Selected Sports Climbs 2011” … pg  97.

By Onsight Photography

About Hand Jam

It’s a fact that dry skin does not heal!

Vegetable oils have emollient properties that protect the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating. They supply the skin with essential fatty acids which have specific healing properties.

Hand Jam also contains calendula which helps promote healing and skin repair. Calendula is a natural anti-inflammatory and is beneficial for chapped and cracked skin.