How to use Hand Jam

For maximum results …

  • Use it after climbing
  • Wash hands and towel dry
  • Apply to hands, let it soak in for a minute, then massage it in. Don’t forget the back of your hands and around your fingernails
  • Apply 3 times – soon after climbing, a few hours later and just before going to sleep.
  • Can also be used to soothe chapped and wind burnt lips.

Check out our Testimonials to see how Hand Jam has helped other climbers climb today and back it up tomorrow.


Can I use Hand Jam at the crag?

Hand Jam is best used after a climbing session as part of your recovery program.

It is most effective if used after a shower after a day at the crag and then again just before going to bed. Small amounts and often will give the best skin recovery.

Unlike some other products that are waxed based, Hand Jam should NOT be used before climbing or during as it takes time for you to skin absorb. It is purely an after climbing or rest day recovery aid for your skin.

Can I use Hand Jam on the rest of my body?

Yes you can! Hand Jam is an all natural product. It is a very effective body and face cream and is also extremely good on wind chapped lips. Also great for cracked heels or feet, from being crammed into tight climbing shoes.

As it is an 100% Natural product don’t worry if you accidentally get some in your mouth (honestly it doesn’t taste the best) BUT you can safely consume Hand Jam.