“I tried it out last year with my climbing partner at the time on trips to Frog and to the Arapiles/Grampians. Our thoughts are that it works! The skin on our hands seemed to heal a hell of alot quicker than normal. This is from different types of climbing as well, Trad at Frog and at Mt Arapiles and also alot of bouldering at Araps and at Mt Stapylton.

We didn’t have a break from climbing for over a week in Vic and our hands recovered really well.”

Bruce McDougall

“I have been using Hand Jam for a couple of years now, and seriously, it works!

It seems to really come into its own when your fingers have had that first layer rubbed clean off (you know, that red slightly moist appearance) from cranking too much sandstone or plastic – Hand Jam will see you back out there the day after no troubles!

The bonus is that you can keep applying it when you are having some down time as well, and those calluses just stay put.”

Adam Power